1. Aquarium (Tropical/freshwater) fish Exporter
2. In business for over 35 year
3. Regular weekly shipments to Japan, North America & Europe.
Clients: North America, Europe & Japan
Techniques: pH range from 6.8- 7.3 ; water temp range from
  Tropical Fish: 22 -26 C Goldfish and cold water
under 20C
Paymant: Advance payment including freight prepaid charges
  are required for all new customers.
Delivery: Delivery will be made within 5 working days after
receiving advance payment
Our daily work:
1. Once receiving your order, Ms Teresa will type in computer and print purchase order in both Chinese & English. She will make sure no mistake will be made.
2. With purchase order on hand, Farm manager Raymond will check if any items are not available in our farm and will order from local breeders immediately.
3. Teresa will then fax you back our Proforma invoice as of which item can or cannot be delivered shipping details, certificates & charges.
4. Each fish house (warm water fish house, cold water fish house & Neon fish house) has its own order and work on different part of your order. Items you ordered will then be counted & separated. Most important of all, is to make sure fish are healthy and in good shape.
5. Our drivers will also receive order to pickup the rest of your order from our local breeders. Any unqualified quality will be returned to the breeders next day with a official remainders.