Photo Description
Front Door: The same gate located here for over 35 years.
Pick up & delivery trucks: work hard & never complaint
Office: where we work & where your order comes in
Work station
Packing area: small but convenient
Goldfish ponds: perfect sun & air
Quality & count control site
Water cooling area: Pre-shipment cool down
Tropical fish house: nice to be there in winter as temp. above 25 C
Climate controlled room: Pre-packing temperature controlled at about 22 C
Indoor water conditioning ponds: clean neutral water
Outdoor water conditioning ponds
Frozen fish food packing area: live Bloodworm, Daphnia, Shrimps. comes in daily
-25 C cold storage: own cold storage capacity of over 20 tonnes.
Staff residence: make our staff feels likes working at home
Shipment notice board: means start at 4:30am
One of our 5 wells
Final count